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Cleaning, Electropolishing and Passivation

Stainless steel cleaning, electropolishing stainless steel, passivation, pickling and mechanical polishing form the basis of the key specialist services that are undertaken by MPE Limited. Since its formation in 1989, MPE Limited has witnessed many changes in processes and specifications with the stainless steel processing industry.  MPE Limited has been able to evolve and improve by investing in necessary training, equipment and personnel to improve on quality and efficiency.

Electropolishing Stainless Steel
Cleaning, Degreasing, Pickling & Electropolishing, Passivating and Sanitising stainless steel form the core operations of MPE Limited. We develop, manufacture and implement process technologies to remove contamination and damage produced in fabrication and machining operations as well as enhancing and optimising surface properties.

Our personnel are surrounded by a wealth of expertise and knowledge gained over many years within the industry.



Processing of Stainless Steel
The methods and techniques used in processing stainless steel should be fully understood for their particular applications. These processes are categorised as follows:

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